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Blue Horizon Tours, Guided fishing, Lake tours, and Camping

Camping check list

Please note that this list is a reference only not all items will be necessary. 

Due to limitations of space and size of your party please be aware that additional charges may apply if more than one trip is needed for transportation of your belongings. 




1. Food and Cooking Utensils
Cutlery – Knife, Fork and Spoons for each person
Plates, Bowls, Cups – Unbreakable plastic
Fry Pan/Griller
Egg Lifter
Preparation Knife
Tea Towels
Can / Bottle Opener (preferably two)
Dishcloths, Steel Wool and Soap
Rubbish Bags
Scissors (optional)
Cooking Stand / BBQ Plate / Camp Oven for open fire cooking (optional)
Toasting Fork
Paper Towel Roll(s)
Tongs (long)

Potatoes – Whole or powdered
Vegetables for cooking and salad
Biscuits (sweet/dry), Fruit Cake
Cheese, Butter/Margarine
Assorted canned and dehydrated Fruit, Vegetables, Meat and Mixed Meals
Cooking Oil
Jam, Peanut Butter, Vegemite, Honey
Tea, Coffee, Sugar
Pepper and Salt, Sauce
Fresh Meat and or Cryovac Meals
Tinned / Packet Meat
Soft Drink / Cordial


2. Bedding
Blankets/Sleeping bag


3. Clothing
Jumper / Jacket (light and heavy)
Towels – one large, one small
Raincoat – Parka, Japara or Nylon – plus rain hat
Hat – Woolen, Fur or Cotton
Fly Net
Modify clothing to suit the trip – Summer or Winter, long or short trip. Dress to suit the trip.

Allow for a complete change of weather, i.e. a cold wet day.

4. Toiletries
Soap – Toilet and Solvol or Hand Cleaner
Toilet Paper
Toothbrush and Paste
Shaving Gear – Razor, Blades or 12V Electric
Hair Comb, Brush, Mirror
Face Washer and Towel – Baby wipes (good for when there is a water shortage)
Biodegradable Hair Shampoo and Conditioner

5. First Aid
Personal Medication 
Comprehensive First Aid Kit and Instruction Book
Skin Cream – for various bites, rashes, etc
Burn Cream
Sunburn Cream
Headache Tablets/Powders

7. Camping Equipment
Tent, Pegs, Poles and Ropes
Table Fold-up Chairs
Matches / Cigarette Lighter
Fire lighting materials Paper, Matches, Firelighters, Kindling

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